Suggestion for new reports

Is it possible to have the Folowing Reports:

  1. Customer Report: Based on invoice issued during a period, or all.

It prints all the Customers that have transactions during the selected period in rows, and there are columns for all of the fields inside a customer including custom fields. There is also a column for the total amount issued . It would Be nice to selects the columns before the creation of the report with checkboxes.

  1. Invoice Report:

It prints all of the invoices during a selected period of time in rows. There are columns for invoice number, Customer Code & Name, net amount, tax amount for each tax applied and total.

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Both of these reports will be handled soon by upcoming universal report writer.


Another report suggestion:

Profit and Loss statement with comparison to previous period - so being able to print a P&L for a month/quarter/year showing the previous period as well and the dollar and percentage change between the two. Not urgent but it would be a nice addition.

You can already create comparative P&L. When creating P&L report, there is a button called Add comparative column which will allow you to add additional columns.

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Hi Lubos - Can you please let us know when the Universal Report Writer will be implemented?

We have just had a request from HMRC VAT in the UK for listings of our sales and purchases showing the goods amount and the VAT. We did this by exporting to spreadsheets but it was very time consuming and we ended up with a small rounding error £0.03 that will very likely have to be explained…

I’m working on it but if all you need is list of transactions subject to VAT, then go to Tax Summary report under Reports tab which shows total sales, total purchases subject to VAT. Totals are clickable which will lead you to individual transactions.

Thanks - I have found that quite useful. I used it as the basis for creating the listing the VAT man wanted.
His requirements were:
Because the Export format is text, one has a certain amount of processing, each time, to get useable data.

Any news on the report-writer??