Itemwise Sales Report

I am trying out this software and would like to generate an item wise sales report. I am trying out a service item and therefore do not have any inventory purchase. These are training sales. I have added items as Item Codes in Sales invoice item. I was able to generate invoices and receive payments but unable to generate a separate report of items sold. Can anyone help me out with this?
Thank you!

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I don’t think item wise sales report is available for now but sure to come in the future. The last time I checked reports for created items are not available now ( Purchase invoice items, Sales invoice items, Inventory Kits). When the report finally comes, it will be very nice to have the option of selecting a Tracking code for the report, e.g. how many items have been sold by Tracking Code A and Tracking Code B.

Or maybe a different group of reports can be invoked when a user activates tracking codes. These reports can be used to monitor sales invoice items, purchase invoice items, and inventory kits transacted by the various tracking codes. It may as well show tracking code reports for inventory items, expense claims and payslips.

Thanks Abeiku, I think so too.I could not find any straight forward way to get a report of the sales. The only roundabout way appears to be to put the items into the inventory and then put in the sales invoice from inventory and get the inventory movement reports. However since what I do is training courses/ lectures, I don’t have any inventory. So waiting for a sales reports to be added. This is necessary to update pricing for slow moving items and fast moving items.

Here is a way you might–with emphasis on might–more easily get what you want than looking at individual sales invoices, @AnilM. It isn’t perfect, and it requires a little more work when you create invoices, but depending on your volume you might find it acceptable.

  1. Create a custom field for sales invoices. Tick the box to show as a column, but do not tick the box to include on invoices.

  2. When you create an invoice, enter into the custom field the item codes (or even the item names–the codes are not strictly necessary) you have already created. This is a redundant step, since you must already enter the sales invoice item name/code when you enter the line item, but if the codes are short, it won’t be much effort.

  3. When viewing the Sales Invoice tab’s register, search for the desired item code. Manager will show you all invoices with custom fields containing that code.

  4. Export the sorted register, import into a spreadsheet, and create whatever report you want.

The drawback of this approach is that you only will see the invoice total, not individual line items. If your training sales include only one thing on an invoice, this could work for you. If you sell multiple items at a time, you won’t have the necessary visibility.

I agree that a report for sales or purchase invoice items would be useful.


Thanks @Tut for your direction, I have tried what you have suggested and ran into two problems.

  1. As you have anticipated multiple items in one invoice will have visibility problems.

  2. The newly added field cannot be linked to the sales invoice items, hence no drop down menu.
    I even tried the same name for the field hoping to get the drop down menu, No luck… Any errors in the item code like additional spaces, change of case, additional characters will again require more work on the report after export.I believe that data should be entered only once and redundant entry is a point for errors to get in.

However as all the data is already entered into the database, a report would have been useful.
So will have to go the long way.

Sales and purchase register

Is this a question? If so, you need to elaborate.

a0004 sales-return-report

a0010 Reg_tax_sales_excisea0003 Reg_sales_returna0009 Reg_tax_sales_rega0006 Reg_daily_purchasea0004 Reg_pur_returna0002 Reg_purchasea0005 Reg_daily_salesa001 Reg_salesa0008 Reg_purinv_transa0007 Reg_salesinv_trans

we still do not see a question.

Dear sir,
it is report. kindly advice for it.
Register means into column form.

all above taken from other software.
i found in manager io no register.
i am going to implement into our company. i need custom reporting tool for custom reporting and data extraction from software.

Below is detail format of it.
a0006 bill-wise-gross-pl

read the Reports section in the guides for available reports in Manager.

as informed to you many times earlier, custom reports is only a work in progress and there is no documentation for it yet.

No, that format is not available

Dear sir
Any update for item wise report.

[18.9.60] Improved custom reports (added visual query builder)

Best regards

What are you asking? The visual query builder was added to the program since your previous , as you seem to know already. Read the Guide: