Sugestions on reports

A suggestion on reports -

  1. Can the reports be made to include daily reports on inventory item sales. for example if I sell five items; A, B, C, D, and E. Can you customize a report under sales invoices to show daily sales of each item in the particular month or period being reported on? for example to show my daily sales for each item for the month of July 2018. With this report one will be able to see the most performing item in them month and also performance of inventory items over months and then help make decisions accordingly.

  2. Can you customize reporting to show graphs like a bar chart OR line graph showing the trend of sales for each day in the period being reported on. This can improve on reporting and is easily understood even by those without accounting knowledge.

  3. Can You make an inventory movement reports based on daily sales and purchases with the addition of comparative column like the one on Profit and Loss account and the Balance sheets and sales invoices.

Please advise if workable.

  1. This is the existing Inventory Value Movement report.
  2. Manager is not a graphing or presentation program. Export the data you want using the Export function. That is why it exists. Then you can use your spreadsheet or other graphing software to produce any kind of graph, table, chart, or other presentation you can dream up. No matter what options Manager might include, someone would want something different. So the program is kept lean by focusing on accounting, not graphics.
  3. No, you cannot add comparative columns. But you can export multiple reports from different periods and play with the data in a spreadsheet or graphics program.
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