Items per Customers Statement

is there any solution to get a statememtn item per customers for specify period?

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Have you tried drilling down from the Invoice Totals by Item report?

hello Tut
thank you for your respont. But what you mean by drilling down the Invoice Totals by item ?
this report just say the total ammount of each product. not the quantity total of each product .

i actually need how many items (quantity) i soled for a specific period.
but i think i foun it.

Inventory Quantity Summary let you know how much items of each product you sold in a specific period.

thanks a lot for your time

That is not the question you asked originally. But I am glad you found the solution.

helo Tut,

unfortuantly the solytion i found is not what i need.
if you can please help me with this.

i need a montley report how many (quantity and ammount) items i soled from each product to a customer.


customer X purshased for January 2020, 35 items from produrct A, 25 items from product B, 16 itmes from product C etc.

i think its possible from the Custom Report but dont know how to set this up.

Thank you in advance

@dimgeorge, you should be able to produce such a custom report. But there is a bug. I have just submitted a bug report: Custom report inconsistencies between purchase and sales invoices. That report shows you a definition that should give you what you want. Unfortunately, it does not.