Use of custom report

is there a way to count the number of invoices issued to a customers and the total amount of those invoices in a particular month?
I own a restaurant.I want to offer our guests, food worth 10% of total of all the invoices issued to them in a month if the number of invoices is more than 5.
I hope that make sense.
Please help.
Thank you.

You can obtain this information at least three ways without a custom report:

  • Customer Statements of transaction type (after setting the reporting period for the month)
  • Sales Invoice Totals by Customer report
  • Taxable Sales by Customer report

Each requires drilling down on individual customers for details. But it avoids a custom report.

Have you tried creating a custom report? If you have specific problems, post them on the forum. In particular, have you tried grouping transactions by customer?

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I read and re read the guide but couldn’t understand and also tried several hit and trial methods but was not successful. But among the three ways you have suggested, the first one works fine for me at the moment. Thank you very much. But still would love to know the working of custom report in detail. Is there any other resource where I can learn the working of custom report?
Thank you.

I tried group by feature too…
I also found a way to find the qty of inventory kits sold in a particular period.

Custom reports are still being developed. There is no other resource. The best way to obtain help is to post screen shots of your definition of a report and the result. Then others can help you.

The difficulty with obtaining help based on vague descriptions of desires is shown by your final statement:

You never mentioned before that inventory kits were involved. Any answers would have focused on numbers of sales invoices and their amounts.

sorry for being vague @Tut
My last statement was on a different topic.I just wanted to tell that I have used custom report for other purpose too.
But I am still struggling to find a solution for the problem which I had thought that was solved.
I want to know the qty of inventory kits sold on a particular period.I tried following but the result was not as desired.New Microsoft Word Document-converted.pdf (182.8 KB)

Thank you.

@Suraj239 , please do not post links to files. Post the images directly to the forum using the upload arrow.

Also, you need to explain why the result was not as desired.

the quantity of inventory kit shown is not the whole numbers.Some of them have decimals too.

To understand that, you need to examine the makeup of all your inventory kits and the transactions that recorded their sales.