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I know about the Inventory Quantity report but it lists all items I’ve sold during any particular period. That’s fine but it doesn’t allow me to ask for items only from a specific transaction code (we have two divisions and I’d like to see the sales for only 1 division) and/or select for specific inventory items (one division sells items to the other division and I’d like to see total sales of just those items).

I’ve tried to rig this in a custom report but have failed miserably. I could get a report that showed me which items were sold during any period of time but couldn’t get the quantity number. It also appeared that I couldn’t do an ‘either or’ in the ‘contains’ option.

Am I doing this all wrong (likely) or is this particular request not supported? I know that I can do the Quantity report for all items sold in the month, then take it to Excel and delete everything I don’t want/need but that seems like a lot of extra work and opens up the option of my deleting something accidentally that I shouldn’t.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Quantity is unloaded together with COGS. Can you please send the screenshot of your custom report so that we can help you.

Do you mean tracking code? If so, have you applied a Where… filter for the tracking code?

Here’s what I was doing with the custom report. ‘Code’ appears to be both what I would consider the SKU on an invoice and can also mean a tracking code. What I really need is shown in the report I tried to make:

When I actually run that report I get nothing at all since the invoices would not have both items in them (that was my comment about an ‘and/or’ option for the report. It seems to be an all or nothing.

If I take out the last line in the custom report (the contains DA MS), I do get a report but it only shows me invoices that include those items, no quantity of the items sold.

Playing with QTY options just seemed to get me the same thing - it will tell me what invoices had those items but does not tell me how many.

Basically I need the Invoice Quantity Report with options for filters.

First of all you need to expose Q.ty and General Ledger Account to see some data.

This is where I get very confused. Saying I ‘need to expose’ those items might as well be in Aramaic to me. So - I tried what I thought you might be suggesting:

All that does is give me an added True or False as to whether those items were involved during the time period:

Not helping and I’m guessing if I tried to search for two different codes (MS AND DA MS) I’d be right back where I started with no results at all.

Select > Q.ty
Select > General Ledger Account (without any additional selection. Leave it blank)

Try to start from something like this

OK - I was actually working on it before i saw your post and I think I have it. Custom Report:

Which gives me this printout:

I don’t need the dates for the sales, I just really want the total of any particular item for the month. I couldn’t figure a way to get rid of the individual sales dates. Can that be done?

And THANK-YOU for the help with the main report!

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Brilliant. Thanks!!