Item wise user rights

Pleas add the option for user rights set up- item wise. ie; if admin wants to give edit options to any user for sales invoice and want to block cash book edit options for the same user. Currently its not there.

There should be another option for reporting purpose like whoever does posting or edit that log should have a report for Audit purpose.

This capability already exists. See If that Guide does not answer your need, please be more specific.

Dear Tut,

Suppose you want to allow a junior accountant to create sales invoice and to view options for cash account. Currently its not possible. I recommended user access should be based on heading like - in some area u want him to do entry only, some are you want to give him view options and some area u want to give access for update option.

Also I recommended manager should have user activity log in more details. for any specific voucher who prepared, who edited and who deleted. currently one log is there but it only exists for few days. user log should not be deleted.


[Dear JVScpa]

Thanks for your effort to make me understand. You are suggesting to create different user with different rights, which will not work. Suppose u created one user for cash voucher update option, another user has sales invoice update option. Now sales invoice update option user either can update cash or he has no cash account option. But I want that user should have the option to create (only) for cash voucher.

I also know in existing module its not available. So I requested to developer they should implement that.

improvement to user permissions is already promised by the developer and there is also a separate topic for the same in the Ideas category. you can add your thoughts and support in the same topic instead of creating a new similar topic.