User Permission for Specific Customer

If would be great, if system allow user to give permission based on customer list, liked bankbook and cashbook

I’m planning some improvements to user permissions which will give greater abilities to restrict within individual tabs.

For example, you’d be able to restrict user to invoices of specific customer (or group of customers) only.


Thank you
hope to get this features very soon

there should be Super admin and admin rights

super admin will have access to everything

admin will have access to their companies only, they can create or modify users according to their requirement.


in present user permissions
if we select a user with full access in a company he should be able to create or modify his/her company user on their own. No need to contact administrator for this small work.

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@raj_nann I also support your request. And it is going to be superb if Full Access users of a business also can Customize it’s menu and see the Audit Trials records of their business. Dear @lubos, these features will very useful to us indeed.

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I support this suggestion