Item description field height bug

Is this a new feature design or some bug. I can’t see that anyone else has reported this, so maybe its just me.

As you can see, when I save the quote and re-open, it shows the description field correctly, but when adding new items in edit, it seems to show one line only as seen in picture. Does this for quotes, orders and invoices.

You did not quite say what the issue is. I think you are referring to the fact that for an inventory item, a multi-line description does not cause the field height to expand when first added. But, if you Update and return, it shows at full height. The field also expands in height if you type a lengthy description manually. The same thing happens with non-inventory items. I am putting this in the bugs category.

Yes that’s basically what is happening. I was wondering if it was a new feature (although I don’t like it) as nobody else seems to have reported it.

I think the only reason no one has reported it is that most users have short descriptions. And if you had second thoughts and went back to check, you would see the full description.

I have no lengthy descriptions in my real or test businesses, so I never had the opportunity to see this until simulating your example. Can you recall explicitly that this behavior is new? If so, can you cite version numbers where the desired behavior formerly occurred? That could help @lubos determine when the bug was introduced.

I was on version 18.4.66 as I last upgraded to get the breadcrumb feature. I then upgraded to 18.9.51 and the problem was noticeable then. So unfortunately 4 months something changed. It never ever used to be like that, I can say with certainity as I use my inventory quite a lot.

Had this issue way before manager move away from customer portal model. Al thought it is small issue kinda irritated as sometimes became frequent. I made by just use enter to move the cursor line to bottom and it behave normally.

My guess it is by design and need to be address, Hoping diagnose won’t be a problem to trace the trigger point. It just randomly happen to me.

Should be fixed in the latest version (18.9.86). This issue was introduced when multi-line custom fields to line items have been added (about a month ago).

Thank you. Much appreciated.