Field content reverting when line items are re-ordered

Im on Manager desktop version release 19.7.3

When I change the description in a line item on a cloned quote/invoice, then I move the line item to another location on the quote/invoice, it auto populates the details on the line item from before the change.

Actually, the program does two different things when re-ordering line items, but they are probably related:

  • The first is to substitute the Description from the item definition, if one exists.
  • The second is to revert to the Description from before editing.

Both are different from auto-populating “the details on the line item from before the change.” For example, edited prices do not revert to predefined prices. And this has nothing to do with whether the transaction is cloned. The same thing happens whenever a transaction is edited.

It doesn’t seem that this should happen. I am moving this topic to the Bugs category.

Thanks Tut

Fixed in the latest version (19.7.29)