Custom Fields - Line issue

In the custom field line if the first item has an empty field the whole line would not show up on preview or print page.

Photo show an example of an invoice i made today and i could not show serial number on printed page so i moved an item with serial number to the top to fix it.

I can duplicate this bug. I have moved the topic to the bugs category.

Hmm, no matter what I try. I can’t reproduce this issue.

My edit screen:

My view screen:

Am I doing something wrong? Alternatively make a dummy file to reproduce this issue and upload it here.

Ya it’s weird, today i tried something i removed the item from inventory for the first product and it worked when i re-add the inventory item the issue appeared. I will create a dummy file and uploaded it.

Here is the edit screen of a sales invoice with a sales invoice - line custom field:

The corresponding view:

Now I reverse the order of the line items, but make no other changes to the sales invoice:

The column for the custom field disappears:

This is from the test company, Brilliant Industries. I will send you the backup file, @lubos.

Thanks @Tut

Fixed in the latest version (18.4.14).

The reason I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem is because my items didn’t use Code column. Anyway - fixed now.

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