Issue with margins when printing

I’ve tried printing sales invoice in PDF, but it covers the whole page without leaving left margin and top margin.

What happens when you click Email button? Do you receive PDF with margins? If yes, then the problem is in your computer and your default print margins are set to zero. You should be able to override them in print dialog after clicking Print button.

I tried sending invoice to my another email address but it failed with some error, it only allows default email. When printing other document such as word file, PDF writer maintains proper margins.

What error do you get when trying to send email? I really need to know if PDF received by email has the same problem with margins or not. So we need to get email function working first then.

Output is also different for me when printing to PDF versus emailing the invoice. I believe the page size is different, but I see no way of changing it when printing to PDF (Linux).

Please consider adding a ‘Save PDF’ option. This would produce identical PDFs. Also, it is more convenient than printing to PDF (automatically set file name, not having to mess with print options).

I’m currently emailing the invoice to myself to save it to disk. I’m not emailing it directly to the customer since I need to add a timesheet as well. Plus, I like to keep all my invoices in PDF format anyway, so I can go back to them to see what exactly was sent to the customer.