Large margins while printing

whenever i print there are huge margins left on each side making print smaller @lubos please help

Are you using a custom theme? The default theme? A theme from the web site?

@Tut i m using the default theme

What is your operating system, and what version of Manager are you using?

And so we understand clearly, you are trying to print to a real printer and not a virtual “Print to PDF” printer, right?

@dcVest i m using Windows 7 and latest version of manager and yes i m printing to a real printer not to a virtual like pdf

Desktop, Server, or Cloud version?

Use PDF button which is near to Print Button in the Manager.
After generating pdf file, print the things whichever you want. It do not generate Extra margin. Try it. Dose it solve your Problem?

And if you directly use the “Print” Button in manager then, you have to set Printing preference as actual.
Look at the bellow Image for Understanding.
if in Printer preference, Paper size is Latter, and you provide A4 paper in paper feeding tray then your printer can do Extra left margin. So in printing preference, select actual paper provided… which is mostly A4.

Do this changes and tell.

Desktop edition @dcVest

Right-click on the form or report that you wish to print. A pop-up menu will appear. In the pop-up menu click on Print Preview. A Print Preview window will open.

You can click the cog icon in the toolbar to enter the size of a margin, or you can drag the white margin indicators to resize.


@dcvest but this is not a permanent solution I have to do this every time

Please keep your personal information off the forum. I’ve edited your last post to remove it.

Also, understand that your printing issue is not related to Manager. Some printer drivers have built-in margins of their own, so printing directly using the operating system’s print function may produce undesirable results. Your choice in such situations is to only print PDFs. Manager ca only control the PDFs it generates, not the printing your operating system does.

On Windows, Manager uses Internet Explorer to render and print the pages. When you generate the print preview it is obviously an Internet Explorer print preview.

Usually when we open Manager it resets the margins as defined in Page Setup of Internet Explorer. That is not happening on your machine. Since no one else has reported this issue, we should assume that the problem is your machine or print driver, and not Manager. You will need someone local to look at your machine to figure out what is happening.