Issue while exporting data to excel


when i click export button from sales invoice and copy data to google sheet

the base currency symbol is taken as plain text for the sales invoice amount.
If i delete the currency symbol manually then its taken as number/ value format

Observer cell G7 and orange mark at top left of the picture.

Any solution for this?

sorry i didnt see the other post about this topic.

But any solution using google sheets?

Doesn’t Google Sheets have a Find & Replace feature ?

it does, if its naira i can use find and replace option
if its usd, find and replace showing me around 12 matches which includes customer names and description.

Its not big deal. but looking for easy solution.

You have to think that Manager is supposed to cater for all the currencies of the world.
The 2007 version of excel gave me the same problem with INR sign, so i started using Libre Office.
Your problem is more dependent on the spreadsheet software.