Excel friendly

why after I exported to the excel the number format isn’t excel friendly? Excel doesn’t recognize the number as currency but just recognise as general? I changed to other format of number, but it still doesn’t recognize as currency/accounting/number in excel in order to I have to change one by one the format number in excel field manually. I got this problem after update the version up to 17.9.44

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i am using version 17.9.66 and i cannot find any such issues as mentioned by you.
i did an export of the sales invoices and everything is categorized as they should be.
the currency appears as currency in excel.

maybe you should try updating to the latest version and try again.
also, before posting a question on the forum, i would recommend you update to the latest version and check if the problem you find still persists in the new version.

This isn’t a defect in Manager. Manager’s export feature is not designed exclusively for Excel. So if you want to import its outputs into Excel, you need to properly format in Excel. This can be done when pasting the data, and need not be cell by cell.

thank you @tut , you solve my problem…