Issue for Manager stopped applying payments to invoices?

I am entering “receive money” against an invoice & saving, however when I go back to the Invoices the invoice still shows as overdue. It’s not applying the payment to the invoice? Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

Is the amount of the payment showing up as balance against an Equity - Suspense account, if yes, then the transaction is incomplete.

For the Account were you using Accounts Receivable or Custom Credits ?
With either of these did you complete the next field - either Invoice or Supplier

Otherwise post a screenshot of the Receive Money transaction

We have the same problem. Plus something wrong with suspense account. Numerous entries now suddenly showing in suspense account even though they were posted correctly. System has gone haywire. Whats up? Chris

@ChrisVenter can you post a screenshot of a transaction in the suspense account .

What is your edition number, if you do an update does that resolve the issue.

I changed the start date to earlier as they were overdue accounts I was carrying forward into the new system, and the payments were dated before the start date, so when I changed the start date it allowed me to apply the payments correctly.

This doesn’t make sense, if the payments were dated before the start date, why were you trying to take them up ?