Sales invoices appearing in a suspense account

I am having a problem where after creating an invoice the debit entry goes to debtors (correctly done) but the credit goes to an equity suspense. The accounts I am posting to are created by me and classified as income, however for some reason it does not appear in income when I view trial balance/income statement reports. Is there some obvious setting or configuration I am missing?

Go to Settings, then Start Date.

Invoices created before start date will be treated as opening balances so you probably want to set start date to some earlier date.

Great stuff I changed the start date to the beginning of the financial year I am working on and it worked. Thanks a lot for the help!

I cannot find start date under setting tab please help?

In the latest version, start date has been removed as it was causing too much confusion. If you are starting new business, you don’t need to set opening balances, therefore there is no need for start date.

I started making my entries in 2013 and now I upgraded to latest version 15.x.x and my invoices are shown in suspense account…how can I solve this?

If you like, send your accounting file to or show screenshot of one invoice form which appears in Suspense account.