Is there a Bug with Billable Expenses?

When I try to post to billable expenses mark up, the said line does not appear in my income options. When I go to the Chart of accounts its there, I’m running version 19.7.67!! Folks am I doing something wrong?

You cannot post directly to that account. The program automatically posts markups there if you edit a billable expense on a sales invoice to be more than your actual cost.

Thanks for this :+1:
Could you help with another question on billable expenses? When I create the Invoice from the Customer Tab I still show a liability in the Expenses line & it automatically posts to the accounts receivable I cant appear to get it to post to a sale.
A relative has just started his own business & he wanted to use the billable expenses to track set price work for the same customer over a week how should he / I do this?

Did you read the Guides about billable expenses? They do not appear in any income account because they are not income. You are only passing expenses through to your customer.

Billable expenses will not accomplish what your relative wants. If I understand you correctly, use non-inventory items. Read the Guide about them.