Billable Expenses & Invoicing

I have posted before about not being able to invoice customers who I have applied billable expenses to.

  1. As per process defined in the guide, but on clicking “New Sales Invoice”…

  2. … I get the following…

  3. … When I edit the invoice, this is what I get.

The customer is not invoiced for the billable expense. Is anyone else having the same issue?

Using server version

To begin, you say you have posted before about a topic. But the forum software tells us this is your first time posting. Are you posting under multiple IDs? If so, choose which you wish to continue and notify me via private message. As a moderator, I will consolidate your accounts to your preferred one.

I can replicate this behavior. I am moving the topic to bugs.

Unable to raise Billable invoice as was being done earlier

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Fixed in the latest version (

I am getting this behaviour in version in the desktop version.

Update your software. I cannot replicate any problem in v23.2.19.653. You are at least 46 releases behind. If you still have a problem, illustrate with screen shots, because it is not the same one discussed earlier in this thread.

I updated the Desktop version to v23.2.19.653 (on MacOS) and tried it again. Still had the empty invoice [ PAID IN FULL] generated for Billable Expenses selected from the Customers tab using New Sales Invoice button. See attached screen shots.

Expense Claims tab showing the Billable expenses.

The empty invoice [PAID IN FULL] is attached, generated when the New Sales Invoice button was clicked in the Customers tab.

@PC_S, your two PDF attachments in post #8 were deleted because they represent security threats to other users. Please insert screen shots directly in the composing pane.

Also, what do you mean by “the New Sales Invoice page?” Billable expenses are invoiced from the Customers tab. There is nothing named “New Sales Invoice page,” although there are buttons labeled New Sales Invoice in a couple places.

Selected billable expenses in the Customers tab with New Sales Invoice button to generate the invoice.

You are using a custom theme, apparently to try to create time reports with sales invoices. That is problematic by itself because it has financial consequences. What happens if you don’t use a custom theme?

The custom theme is not using any special features. It is mainly using a different title and boiler plate text. As you suggested, without a custom theme, the sales invoice generated the empty invoice as shown,

When I edit the generated invoice. The edit screen looks like the following …
Top part.

Bottom part:

Please use as suggested the default theme. The newer versions of Manager changed quite a lot of functionality. For example you can not use the new footer feature with a custom theme. If anything there should be no theme selected when troubleshooting issues like this.

You are mistaken in this belief. By definition, custom themes use only special features, because the default display no longer uses a Liquid theme at all. The prior Plain theme has been replaced by a completely different display approach. But that is beside the point, as your problem persists even without the custom theme. Thank you for testing that.

Your problem is revealed on the Edit screen. You do not have a single line item. I do not know how this could occur, because it is impossible to delete the last remaining line item on either an existing transaction or in Form Defaults. But I finally traced the source. The problem occurs when the billable expense has been entered via an expense claim.

For clarity, I am going to close this topic and open a separate bug report.