Billable expense bug

I have noticed a bug as follows

If you record something as a billable expense and you change your mind and change it to something else, lets say, to an expense account or to an inventory item, then the expense remains in the billable expense tab and not moving to the proper account

Thank you

Have you read this guide - Write off billable expenses which seems to cover the transaction you are trying to carry out

I don’t want to write-off a billable expense, I want to correct it and alert it to something else

I do not understand the problem.

I created a Billable expense on a purchase invoice. It appears in Billable expenses as “Uninvoiced”

I edit the purchase invoice and changed the account to an expense account. It now appears under the expense account and is no longer listed in Billable Expenses

What version of manager are you using? If it is not the latest, I suggest you download and install the latest version and have another try


change it to an inventory item and you will see the problem

What happens, when you change a line item previously posted to Billable expenses > Customer to an inventory item, is that the subsidiary ledger for Customer is not cleared. In fact, if you change the account back to Billable expenses, the customer’s name is already there.

An example of this would be purchasing an item you thought would be billed directly to a customer rather than placed into your own inventory. Then, for whatever reason, you decide to put it into inventory and sell it from there.

I’m putting this into the bugs category.

Note: I have not tested this, but similar things may happen elsewhere in the program where subsidiary ledgers are involved.

Fixed in the latest version (19.7.35)

thanks @lubos