Billable Expenses Balance out standing

My billable expenses is showing a transaction on 31st March (which was not done and not able to find it how come its showing there

Your screen shots all have their column headings cut off. And so much information is obscured, it is very difficult to understand what you are showing. But I can offer the following observations:

  • The transaction you outlined in your first screen shot was created automatically by the program. That is why it has no Edit or View buttons. This may have occurred because the customer involved had an unallocated credit available. To know for sure, you will need to examine the history of the that customer’s account. This Guide may be of assistance:
  • The answers to your questions probably are found in the Sales Invoices tab, not the Billable Expenses tab.
  • The use of journal entries for recording billable expenses is very unusual and would normally only be done to correct an error. Be sure you understand how billable expenses are supposed to be recorded. See this Guide:
  • You have debits showing up for billable expenses referenced to sales invoices. When used properly, billable expense contributions to the balance of the Billable expenses account from sales invoices are credits. So you seem to be invoicing billable expenses incorrectly. See this Guide:
  • All but two of your billable expenses seem to have been written off. The only reason a billable expense should be written off is when you determine that customer will not reimburse you for it.

In summary, the limited information you have shown suggests you are not using the billable expense features of Manager correctly. Until you do, no one will be able to answer questions for you.

I also notice a very large number of journal entries in your Journal Entries counter window. Journal entries in Manager should be quite rare. Most accounting entries should be made in dedicated tabs. You might benefit from general reading of the Guides.


Thank for your help and advises, we will try to follow it.

In above concern i just founded one “Billable expenses - markup” which is didn’t place.
Can you please help me how to unmark (or remove) this Markup Value.

You cannot edit transactions contributing to Billable expenses - markup directly. This is a completely automatic account. Transactions are posted there when you invoice the customer for more than the expense. That markup is pure profit. The only way to remove a transaction is to edit the sales invoice that generated it by adjusting the amount you invoiced for that billable expense. Of course, when you do that, Accounts receivable will change. If the customer has already paid, you will end up with an overpaid invoice. If you did not mean to charge a markup on the billable expense, you may need to send the customer a refund.

Thank you very much for your help.its fixed now

Thanks to be there for your assistance as always