Is it possible to write and show po number

Is it possible to write n show po number on upper side of page to claim from reputed companies.

Purchase orders are automatically assigned a Reference number that shows in the header:

This refers only to the sequential number of the accounting record. It has nothing to do with how reputable a supplier is. How would the program know?

just a PO

number column so i can enter the number there. near the invoice number or reference number is printed.

Read the Guide: Manager Cloud. If you enter the customer’s purchase order number on the sales invoice, it will show. If you don’t enter it, the field label does not show either.

i used a pdf editor to do that.

I don’t care how you generated your image. The point is that the capability is already in the program. As I said on the other topic, you need to read the Guides, especially when someone links to the one that has the answer to your question.

got ur point but i want it to printed the order no as po number or purchase order no. is it posible to change that. @Tut

You would need to write a custom theme with conditional logic to modify the variable label. Please do not ask how to do that. This is not a coding forum. If you don’t have the skills yourself, hire a local programmer to write the theme for you.

ok gotcha… thanks @Tut just needed the direction to where to look at. can carry from here thanks.