Purchase Order > Purchase Invoice (PO# field)

I’m sure there must be a simple answer, but I’ve got to ask.

When creating an invoice from a Quote , the Quote number is carried over to the Invoice, the Invoice creates it’s own number., and the two numbers show up on the Invoice. That is a GOOD thing.

I’m curious why a Purchase Order that Creates a Purchase Invoice doesn’t work the same way??

Check the latest version (14.9.33) which adds the PO# field on purchase invoice if Purchase Orders tab is enabled.

Okay, good. The number of the Purchase Order is carried over to the Purchase Invoice. Great improvement!
Manager is getting better all the time.

One little question. If a PI is created from PO, the number carries over. If multiple PIs are created from the same PO, they would all have the same number. In other words, Multiple Purchase Invoices can have the same number. Is that how that should work?

The way that you have Quotes generating Customer Invoices, the Invoice takes the next number up, and reflects the Quote number.

I would think that PO > PI would be the same.

It’s different.

  • Sales invoice is issued by you to customer so you decide what is going to be reference number of the invoice
  • Purchase invoice is issued by your supplier so they decide what is going to be reference number of the invoice

That’s why Purchase Invoice # is empty and you have to enter the reference manually from actual supplier invoice.

It all looks great.