LPO No tag needs on Sales Order

Hi, presently the sales order is using for making Proforma Invoice.
Proforma invoice/Sales order having;
Issue Date:
Reference Number:

I wand to add L.P.O No below the reference no.

In custom Field i added L.P.O No, but it is coming bottom of the total amount column

can you help me

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similar questions have been answered many times in the forum. please search the forum before posting new questions.

to answer your question, you will need to customize your theme to achieve this. if you do not have html coding skills then you may hire someone locally to do it for you. the changes made will affect only how the final document is displayed and where the field appears when creating the document cannot be changed.

also, Sales Order is not to be used as Proforma Invoice. When you receive a Purchase Order from your customer, you enter it as a Sales Order. you should use Sales Quotes for making Proforma Invoice.

We are using sales quote tab for generating quotations/estimates, which is serially numbered.
The Sales Quotes serial number are then reflecting under Sales invoice tab as well as ‘Quote number’

We are not using sales order tab any way that is why we are using it for generating Proforma Invoice.
All i now need is to have a customized header for Sales Order the same way we have it for Sales Quotes.

I understood that sales order is to record an incoming purchase order (LPO) from a customer, where should i show the purchase order number in sales order tab?

please help me

the Order Number field in a sales order is provided to record the purchase order number issued by your customer.

just because you are not using Sales Order does not mean you should be using it for something it is not supposed to be used for. Manager software when further developed would include features which may later cause issues with your workflow.

use Sales Quotes for your quotations/estimates and when the customer accepts your quotation, just convert the same quotation to Proforma Invoice with the same serial number. you may also insert a prefix to the serial number so that you can easily identify it as a proforma invoice.

Thank very much

We are issuing proforma invoice two three time for same LPO, because customer paying part payments and before payment they need proforma invoice

edit the same proforma invoice and add additional lines with the payment made as a negative value. this will reduce the pending amount to be paid.

Finally i understood. It is worth full. Thank you.

and one more thing, LPO number how can be noted in sales quotes, i can make custom fieldfor LPO Number, but all custom fields are showing below the total amount. but i need below the reference number, how can it possible

How it is possible like
in sales quotation

for making proforma invoice

already answered in my first reply.