How to add fields above description

Dear all, I am trying to generate a PO. I have found out from the “Form Defaults” that I could add fields and assign a priority number. However these fields are all displayed/printed at the end of the PO. I would like to have the PO template revised to

  1. Reference # changed to "Purchase Order # "
  2. i would also like to have "Job # "
  3. I would also like to have a field “Quotation #”

I will be helpful if you could share your expertise.

You should first of all create two custom fields for point 2 and 3 and select to show in the printed version.

To change the name of reference # you should edit the template as well as to change the position of 2 and 3.

All these customizations require a custom theme. Coding of themes is not within the scope of this forum. If you don’t have the skills personally, hire a local programmer familiar with the Liquid templating language.

Thanks Tut. i understand that.

If you need some help write me a private message. I can try to help you

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