Purchase Order - Agreement Terms

Is it possible to add ‘Agreement Terms’ as a field in the purchase order?

Maybe a field similar to Delivery Instructions.

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I just found where to do that yesterday. go to settings, find the ‘custom fields’. in there you can add a single line or a paragraph area.
then when you do up the order or invoice, you can enter text and save it as default. hope that helps :smile:

@LouWeez thanks however the text isn’t visible on the completed purchase order. Whereas when you enter information on the delivery instructions you can see the text on the PDF format of the purchase order.

Am I doing something wrong?

Custom fields won’t show on printed documents yet but I will be adding support for that soon.

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Hi @lubos

Any ideas on when this will be completed or is it possible to add an ‘Agreement’ field?

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@lubos…wow thanks for resolving this issue…It works awesome.