Combining PDF files

Create your terms and conditions as a standalone PDF file. Don’t pollute your accounting records. Generate a PDF of the accounting quote, then append the T’s & C’s PDF to it. Now you’ve got one file you can email, save, print, or whatever.

I’m sorry … I am a bit computer challenged which is why I love manager because it is so easy to use. Can you please walk me through step by step of exactly how to do this? Thank you!

I moved this to a new topic, because your question strayed too far from the other one, which was about themes.

To do what I suggested, create a sales quote, then make a PDF of it by clicking the PDF button:

Save the file that results, which will have an alphabet soup name, with some name that is comprehensible to you. Depending on your PDF viewer (Reader, Preview, Acrobat, etc.) and operating system, there is some way to add pages to the file. Check Help for that program to find out how. This step is completely independent of Manager. All you have to do is add the pages from your previously created PDF file on terms and conditions. Now you’ll have a single PDF file with the sales quote page(s) from Manager and the T’s & C’s pages. Print it, email it, save it, or whatever.