Add attachment to email templates


I would like to ask if it would be possible to add the option in to add an attachement to email templates.

I would like to add our terms and conditions as a pdf file, standard with every sales quote and every sales invoice we send out to customers. This way, our customers are always aware about the terms and conditions our company uses with all sales. I can imagine that this is something that other users may also be interested in to use.

Insted of attaching the terms and conditions as a pdf, why don’t you upload it in your server with accessable link and have this link in your sales quote or invoice email template.
This way your user can download file if needed.

Hello @hmdaadil Why are you Replying to Year Old Topic Where the Original Poster Did not even Asked it Again in the Full year.

I thought someone else who comes searching for this in future will be solution for him.

But terms And Conditions can Mentioned on Sales Invoice And sales Quote Directly using Custom Fields And Can Be Fixed by Using Form Defaults.
And There is no Need of Adding Pdf Attachment with Invoices And Quotes.

Some times the Terms and conditions could be of no of pages. In that case better to have it seperate document attached.
Anyways if Terms and conditions are just few lines what you suggest is the better solution rather working on email templates.

can You Give Any Example from real World In which terms And Conditions Could be in No of pages.
I have Seen terms And Conditions Consisting Only of few lines.

Few from internet

I Have Seen Both of them But They Are the Maximum terms And Conditions Which one can use But Practically No one use such a detailed terms on invoices And Quotes.
But They Write Only Few Sentences And rest Are The Implied Conditions for a contract of Sale.

According to the law over here, you need be be able to proof that you have given the terms and conditions to the customer. By just putting a link somewhere, where customers have to go to and then read the terms and conditions, you cannof proof that you have handed the customer the actual terms and condtions.

This is the reason adding a PDF with the invoice would be a good solution. In any court you can then proof the customer is aware of your terms and conditions.

In most situations they refer to some online link where you can read the full terms and conditions. It may suffice on invoice to write Terms and Conditions apply as per [website link]. Where something very specific you would provide the text and then further details at [website link].