Is it possible to change the name displayed on top of invoice?

before updating to the latest version i set the output of the invoice to be printed as follows

but after the updation the “Sales Receipt” is changed into Invoice and i cant able to find the option to change it.

Please Guide me how to change it and more importantly i dont know html or css

Thank you in advance

I don’t think there’s any one place that allows you to customise a single element like that in manager. But you can create a new view template for it under settings.

  1. Create a new View Template under settings:

  2. Make the modifications to the template, don’t forget to name the template at the top (I forgot to put a circle around the name in the following image):

  3. You can preview it against an existing invoice:

  4. When you do your next sale, you can set the particular view for that type of invoice and even set it as default:

The only caveat I will make is I have no idea if the default template will change over time (I suspect it may) and you will probably not get any new features to the existing template until you recreate a new view.

This is already true. What you referred to as the “default template” is not. It is only an example. While its math is correct, it already lacks many features of the built-in sales invoice, which is written in a different language.

Ahh right, I did figure that would be the case down the track. It’s a shame it’s not updated with the latest template shipped with manager.

In that case, it would be nice to have such a feature to change some of the “simple” options :smiley:

@ramesh492, that feature, which was entered under the Sales Invoice Template setting, was removed long ago. Now, all changes must be made as @d3mad described, in View Templates. Unfortunately, you cannot change just one small thing. To have all the features, you must rewrite the entire sales invoice template, which is beyond many users’ skill level.

I will probably let people set heading on invoices just like it’s already possible on quotes.

Keep in mind, you seem to be using invoices for cash sales. In that case I wouldn’t be entering sales invoices at all. Just record received money as regular receipt under Cash Accounts tab. Receipts can be printed too.

Problems to record Receipt instead of Cash Invoice:

  • Invoice numbering
  • No Discount column
  • Title of the Document (Receipt and NOT Invoice)
  • I can’t use my custom Template

So, not possible, at least for me…

i fixed it editing the html
thank you

ya i done the same
thank you

unfortunatly the printout of the html edited bill dont get aligned correctly
This is what happens on all the pages except first page

Please fix this issue as along with misalignment of printing issue as soon as possible
@Tut @lubos


You’ve reported many issues on this forum in various threads that are all related to the same thing: HTML.

You really need to hire someone to help you with your HTML. Several of us have tried to help you with little requests now and then, but you keep coming back with very complex requests for custom HTML coding. This forum is meant to be about Manager. Manager happens to accept HTML in several places to enhance its default layout, but that’s advanced stuff. Some of the things you have wanted to do (like position the signature box on your invoices just precisely so) are complicated – or even impossible – to do in HTML. Clearly from the screenshot you’ve posted above, you’ve totally messed things up in trying to implement a custom invoice template.

You seriously need to get help. Find an HTML expert to do your layout for you. That expert may or may not be able to give you precisely what you want, given the limitations of the platform, but he or she should be able to get you closer than you’re going to get on your own.

You might get somewhere on the kindness of your fellow forum users here, but I for one am exhausted from your HTML questions already (and when I did try to help you in the past, I didn’t even get a “thank you,” incidentally).

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I can clearly understand that you didn’t got the question what I asked.

I asked will the old feature of renaming a invoice will be implemented on future updates. But what your reply connecting my previous questions were terribly irrelevant and unnecessary for what I asked right now.

And for your kind information I edited that via html as how @d3mad instructed and it works perfectly for single page printout. The layout changes from 2nd page. Anyhow I know that am not that well-versed in html or programming; this forum is made to clear the doubts and to help the people who using the wonderful software. As a user I hope I have rights to clarify the doubts and post if there is any alternate ways to fix the problems.

I have too noticed that you tried to say the same what you said now in the past too. About the signature box I fixed it without any html coding and which shows nothing is impossible.
If one doesn’t know the way it doesn’t mean it’s impossible

REPLIES TO WHAT YOU SAID APART and we are here clarifying our doubts as you know it may help me and few others having the same issue.

It is a known problem for documents over a page. I have not tested nor aware of any solutions. I think I have read that printing to PDF or email works but others have said it crashes. I know it is something the lubos is looking at with the internal creation of PDF documents that should solve some of the problems here.

@ramesh492, this only demonstrates that HTML is more complex than you may think. The fact remains that custom view templates cannot be stumbled through on a trial and error basis by people who are not experienced coders.[quote=“ramesh492, post:12, topic:6859”]

I asked will the old feature of renaming a invoice will be implemented on future updates.

@lubos already answered this question 3 days ago in this topic.