Want to Customize the Content of Sales Invoice

I need to change the “Invoice number” as “Number” in the Sales Invoice Printed.
How to do that ?

I Need to add another field for signature "For Company Name " at the end of the invoice. how to place it

The look of an invoice is based on HTML template.

If you know HTML, you can customize the look of an invoice any way you like, see: Guides | Manager

I dont know HTML as much as to edit the interface given by you…
If its not a burden for you can you please provide the html code for the above mentioned changes ??

All i want is to take printout of the bill with the changes mentioned in the picture…

Thank you

I think the look of the Default Invoice is fine. For the Not so HTML Savvy Users, a selection of a few Templates would be nice. I personally would like a Template 3" x 2" to so I could include info that I would want for a Work Order Lable, or perhaps a shipping Tag.
What do you think?

Hey @lubos

I tried looking up that link but it takes me to the page for the Desktop Edition of Manager. Is there a way of accessing the page? I’d like to customize my invoices as well.

I also noticed that the Guides have now changed to being a basic summary of features. Are you working on a feature update?

Kind regards


UPDATE I have found the old-style “guides” under Guides | Manager so I’m sure I’ll find my way there :wink:

@ramesh492 have u rectified the symbol problem.? if so, tell me how to do that. even im getting the same issue.

@hari_s, you are looking at a 3-year old post. There have been thousands of changes to the program since then. What version of the software are you using? And what base currency do you have set?

M using the latest version of desktop edition and currency format is set to INR…

Please give your actual version number, visible in gray numerals at the bottom of any page in Manager. The program changes very rapidly, so the “latest version” usually is not. Also, what operating system are you on? It will also help if you can post a screen shot of the problem.

Manager uses the fonts installed in your system to display the currency symbol on documents.
so make sure you have installed the Indian rupee font.

Manager will use its embedded fonts only when generating pdf.