Error while changing text in invoice template

Hello All,

When i try to change text “INVOICE” to “TAXINVOICE” in html template, matter in description is disappear.

Here with I have attach screenshot for both cases. i.e. inbuilt template and another when I try to change text.

Help me in this issue.

You can use this code, I copy from others post

{{title | replace: “Invoice”, “Tax Invoice”}}

Replace on that title.

But I notice that you don’t actually need to amend sales invoice to tax invoice, as when you implement the tax, it will auto update your heading to Tax Invoice.

Mine works that way.

@MHH, your version is out of date. View templates are no longer supported. They have been replaced by custom themes:

There have also been changes since your version in the way item codes, item names, and descriptions are shown, because many people were using them incorrectly.

Some built-in tax codes automatically substitute Tax Invoice for Invoice. If yours doesn’t, see this Guide:

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Thank you for your response…

Version updated and theme customised as per requirement…
Issue Solved…