IOS System.InvalidOperationException

when I tries to change the business file location in Mac OS , I’m getting following error

System.InvalidOperationException: Event registration is overwriting existing delegate. Either just use events or your own delegate: Eto.Mac.AppDelegate AppKit.NSApplication+_NSApplicationDelegate

how do I change file location ?

im using desktop app in Mac

First, did you follow the procedures in this Guide: Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager?

If the correct procedures do not resolve your issue, can you please post a screen shot of the entire error message rather than a transcription or excerpt of it?

I am also having the exact same issue on OSX attempting to move the data files to network storage.

Yes, I have followed the guide. Per the guide;

“…Copy (or move) all files from the current application data folder to the new one…”

If I move ALL the files, then the following error appears;

And if I only move the ‘.manager’ file and not EITHER the “data” OR the “00000000000000000000.manager” files (incl. trying each one separately), then I get the following error;

You did not change your application data path, meaning that you did not follow the Guide. Your application data path is still set to the default location, so that is where Manager looks for your data, but you have moved your data.

Did you BOTHER to read the post?

Per the first picture, if I copy ALL the files first and THEN attempt to change the application data path, that InvalidOperationException occurs and the application data path remains as it was.

Per the second picture, if I only copy the .manager file and not either one of the other two, then the second error occurs - SHOWING the new path I tried to move it to - and the application data path remains as it was.

Yes, I read the post quite carefully. In your first post, you wrote:

giving the clear impression that the error appeared after moving the files, with no further action on your part. In your second post, you wrote:

That was a key difference that let me find both the source of your problem and a temporary solution. Something in the program has changed since the developer wrote the Guide. It may affect all operating systems, or it may only affect macOS.

To successfully change your application data folder location, follow the instructions in the Guide. However, after (1) moving all files from your old application data folder to the new one and (2) changing the data path preference—at which point you will see the InvalidOperationException error, click OK and close the program. When you relaunch the program, the application data path will be changed to the new folder.

I will write a bug report to bring this to the developer’s attention.

Whilst I believe you are now playing semantics, I also think the time for hostilities is now past.

Thank you for writing the bug report and your collective brain power added to resolving the issue.

For the benefit of those that come behind;

In the case of OSX, ALL the files in the ‘/Users/<my_user_name>/.local/share/Manager’ dir need to be either copied or moved to your new location.
When you attempt to change the path the InvalidOperationException occurs.
As tut states above, close and re-open the application and your path will have been moved.

At that point you can delete any ‘.manager’ company files in the ‘.local’ directory.
But even if you DEL the whole ‘.local/share/Manager’ dir, the application will recreate it the next time you open the application.
The only difference being your data files will now be located where you want them.

Bear in mind that other forum members know only what you write and show. We don’t necessarily know what you did or how you produced a result you are showing. What seems obvious to you may not be to others. The forum is rife with examples of users complaining when someone strays beyond the strict letter of what was written.

If anyone felt any hostility, it was not me. I gave you the best answer I could based on the information you provided. And I was happy to do so. With more complete information, I gave a better answer. And I was even happier about that.

I’ve been active on this forum for 6 years and moderating it for 4 years. Believe me, I don’t do it to make myself angry or be hostile to anyone.