Unable to change Application Data folder

My Application folder is set to /Users/Clive/.local/share/Manager. After working out how to show hidden files on a Mac (to see if there were any files in that folder), i then tried to change the folder…but got this message

Your selected location “/Users/Clive/Financial Stuff” does not contain any data.

Copy all files from your current location “/Users/Clive/.local/share/Manager Files” to your selected location, then try again.

I copied all the files to the selected location but Manager still tells me the Application Folder is “/Users/Clive/.local/share/Manager.”

I then quit Manager and reopened - only to find all my businesses had disappeared. Using a back up file I restored, but still cannot change the Application Folder.

Any clues about what I can do? I am using Manager 16.12.52

In the latest version, Application Data folder is obsolete.

See: [17.4.0] Phasing out "Application Data" folder in desktop edition

Thanks - just quickly read that.

But, if I am upgrading it tells me Manager will look into my existing Application Folder and will rename my existing business. But there is nothing in my existing Application Folder anymore!

In your version you need to change the Application Path under About Manager but only after you have copied the files from the default location to your selected location. From past experience, you may need to attempt the change to Application Path under About Manager a couple of times before it registers.

Get this settled before do upgrading.

NOTE: I said copy not move, after things are working then delete the files in the default location.

The problem is that I can’t change the Application Path. When i select “Change” and navigate to my chosen destination and select OK then nothing happens. Manager still tells me is is looking into the old folder.

@clive, just upgrade to the latest version. If you have currently nothing in your “Application Data” folder, then new version will start with no businesses at all.

You can then click Open button and open .manager file directly where it is. You might want to rename .manager file to some easier recognizable name too. E.g. MyBusiness.manager or so

Yeah - that’s why I said “you may need to attempt the change to Application Path under About Manager a couple of times before it registers”

Alternatively, after clicking Change select Make New Folder and see if that takes then copy data to there.

Ok so Ive tried several times to change the Application Path - no joy.

If I upgrade now then are you saying that I can then load the back up files to restore my businesses? I hope so but I am wary about doing this - do files created in an older version work with a newer version?

Yes, or load the live files directly that you copied to the new location by using the OPEN button


If you still have the live files in the default location, then they should re appear without any action.
In the default location they will now have proper rather then cryptic names

Downloaded latest version, but now when I open the application I get this

Selecting “Try Repair” does nothing, it just sits there in a pressed state.

Also, it looks like I now have 2 Managers in my Docking bar. I can still use the old version though …:cold_sweat:

If you re-read the release, other mac users also had that situation, from memory they just deleted that file.

Just re read the release “Phasing out “Application Data” folder in desktop edition” - no other user has had this problem.

Which file did they delete?

That PSN file (it appears that they could open theirs) it is probably located in the default location.
From their account - it appears to be a dummy empty business.

Ok Ive gone full circle and am back to square one ie on an older version, but it seems that the Application Path is now where I wanted to change it to in the first place (dont know what I did to fix that issue).

The .manager files seem to be using realistic names now, which seems to fit it with the release notes.

I am staying on this older version until the migration is sorted out - dont trust it

Just to clarify - under About Manager which version is being dispalyed

Manager 16.12.52
…and application path is now “/Users/Clive/Financial Stuff/Manager Files”, which is where I wanted it in the first place (even though, if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to change it without moving files again).

Changing the Application Path only tells Manager where to look, changing the path wont actually move files.

Release 17.4.0 does these two things a) changes cryptic files names to proper names and b) changes the front page besides other changes.

It appears you got (a) without (b) while remaining on the older version.

Are you saying the first thing you see when opening the new version is the error with Try repair button?

From memory - yes. But i have backed out of the upgrade now. Sorry for being so IT illiterate.