Invoicing related questions

I have recently started using Manager and have ran into some problems/doubts which i am not sure if they are normal or am i missing something.

  • When i make a custom field in lets say sales invoice template and enter info in this custom field at the time of invoice generation but it doesn’t appear on the printed view :expressionless:

  • Is it not possible to have alphabet in price filed in sales/purchase invoice? The reason i am asking is because sometime i have to invoice in different currency than what i have set as default in Settings > Currency prefix /suffix and i don’t know what other way i can achieve this besides having an ability to insert alphanumerics. Or is there any other way?

  • Last but not the least, is it possible to adjust the page margins in the printed out material in Manager?

a small suggestion for lubos or others incharge; perhaps it would be a good idea to have a sticky thread in forum which details every new feature added in respective version as this will make it easier for the users to track the changes in each version.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Custom fields don’t appear on printed invoices yet. Sometime this month, new invoice templating system will be added which will make this possible.
  2. Currency prefix/suffix feature will be removed very soon. It was a temporary fix before multi-currency was implemented. Now that multi-currency is almost done, currency prefix/suffix is becoming obsolete.
  3. When you click Print button, your printer driver will take over the printing part and you should be able to set margins there.

Thanks lubos- really looking forward to the next update.