Invoices cannot process

Cannot process new invoice.

You need to be much more specific. Have you read the Guide:

The EDIT CLONE COPY etc does not appear on the top of the invoice when creating a new invoice.I have been using Manager for some time but after reloading Windows 7 this problem started

The buttons you mention have never appeared on the entry screen when creating new invoices. They appear on the View screen, after an invoice has already been created.


When you click on Create when doing a new invoice it does not create a new invoice so I don’t get to the view screen.

Then you are doing something else wrong. What edition are you using (desktop, server, or cloud)?

I am using Desktop version 19-10-75

The current version is 19.6.63 or so

There is no 19.10.75!

@shanem, where did you download your version? You should only download from the official site: Third-party software distribution sites are notorious for corrupted versions.