From Invoice or Bill Can't Create anything

From Invoice and Bill or Other Data entry area can’t Create any 1. New Customer 2. New Supplier 3. New Item 4. New Accounts etc.

But when we go to any invoice or Bill in the same time we need to create those things time to time. But in “Manager” this is can’t. If possible give solution or solve this issue.


To create a New Customer, New Supplier or a New Item you need to activate the relevant tabs.

Under the Settings tab you will find Customise - tick on this then click the “Customers”, “Suppliers” and “Inventory” tick boxes - then scroll to the bottom and click “Update”. These tabs will now enable you to create them.

Activating these tabs will automatically generate their relevant Accounts - Account Receivables, Customer Credits, Accounts Payable, Supplier Credits, Inventory on Hand and Inventory Sales.

For New Accounts, Click on Settings, then click on “Chart of Accounts”.