Cannot view Sales Invoices

Hi, I’m just new to you program. It’s great! After some good (?) testing I started to use the program ‘in production’. However, somehow I cannot view my first real sale invoice, but I can edit.
Using MacOS, latest version and latest version of Manager Desktop.
Anything I need to double check ?
Btw, I am not using a custom template.
Thk! - Eric

Is there an error, or it is just empty? A screenshot usually helps in this kind of questions.

Hi Novica, thks for you reply.
Just empty (nothing shows), exept for the edit and copy buttons. No actual content or form shows.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 17.42.52.png

Rgds - Eric

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I remember I had a similar issue some time ago and it was because I was testing some custom themes, and forgot to revert invoices to the default theme before deleting the custom theme. I thought it could be the same issue but you say you are no using custom templates.

You cannot paste in the file name for a screen shot. You need to use the import arrow in the tool bar of the composing pane.

Somewhat lost on the import of the screen copy.
Anyway what i gat when selecting the view option of a particular invoice I only see the title (grayed) and the buttons edit, clone and copy to.
No actual details are shown. I was trying to add a custom theme but then went back the plain theme. I have some 63 invoices created (62 before me trying to add a custom theme, all showing ok). But when I added the 63 invoice (after trying a custom theme) none of the invoices can be viewed. Likley that I got lost somewhere when I went back to the defaiult (plain) theme. Or should I delete the custom theme entitrely from the system ?

Thks for any help/suggestions to can offer.

Try this.

  1. Enable back the custom theme.
  2. Go back to each invoice and check that they use the basic/default theme.
  3. Disable the custom theme.

Hi Novice,
Tried what you suggested. Does not work. Cannot view any of the 63 invoices.

did you try deleting your custom theme from Themes under Settings?
most probably some code might have been broken in your custom theme due to recent updates.
after deleting the custom theme you may close and reopen Manager just to make sure if it solved the issue.

Re-downloaded latest desktop version of Manager.
Deleted custom theme under Settings.
Still no view of the invoices.
Anything else you may suggest?

Let’s start at the beginning. When you go to the Sales Invoices tab, what do you see? Is it a list of invoices with both Edit and View buttons for all? And are both types of buttons dark (not greyed out)?

When I click on the Sales Invoices tab, I get a list of 64 invoices (line by line), each line leading up with an edit or view button. When I click the edit button, I can see the details of each invoice entered, When I click on the view button, I see nothing, except for a new page with a grayed out Sales Invoice, Edit, Clone, Copy to buttons.

Can I re-import the Themes somehow (assuming the problem is there?)


is what you see something like this?

if yes, this is definitely an issue with custom themes.

what i did to get to this was:

  • create a custom theme
  • create an invoice with a custom theme
  • delete the custom theme

in order to fix this:

  • create another custom theme (does not have to be the same)
  • edit the invoice and revert to plain theme
  • delete custom theme (although it is no longer relevant for the issue)
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What do you mean by re-import themes? Themes are not imported in Manager. You either activate a built-in one or create a new, custom one.

Hi Novica,
My screen looks simlar to yours, except that I only have the Edit, Clone and Copy to buttons (missing the Print PDF, Email and Receive money buttons). Thanks for your suggestion which I will try and let you know if it works for me.

Just tried as suggested. Problem remains.

if you go to the edit screen of invoice, what theme is selected there?
if you find a custom theme, then uncheck the custom theme and update the invoice.

Hi sharpdrivetek,
Sry to be such a pain on this topic.
I’m not using any custom theme (using the default ‘Plain’ theme).

i guess we have tried all the known possibilities.
try making a backup of your business, remove the current business from Manager and import the newly created backup.

Hi guys,

A big thanks to all of you who have been breaking their head over this intruiging problem.

Backing up, deleting and importing the latest backup did not solve the problem, hence I had to import an earlier back-up and it find now working fine (apart from having to add some invoices since then).

The take-hone message to all (desktop) users is that is it a ‘life-saver’ to take regular back-ups because you never know. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Again my thanks for the assistance. Hope i can return the favour of helping others when my experience with this fine program increases. Best regards - Eric

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