Invoices and Customer name as you go!

Hi, this might sound silly, but, when writing up an invoice, do I have to go to customers first and fill in the names of all customers for the month before I can write out an invoice. (As I only do the books monthly)

Is there a way I can just type in the name as I go on the invoice.(this would save so much time going back and forward)

It’s not possible to create new customer within invoice creation screen. However why do you have so many new customers each month?

Because I run a Tree Lopping Business and most customers are not reoccurring, (as yet, only new to business))

Are these customers your debtors? Do they pay immediately or do you issue them invoice and they have a few weeks to pay?

Most, not all, pay immediately.

Those who pay immediately, I’d just record those transactions under Cash Accounts tab.

There is no point creating sales invoice for those who pay immediately. Just record it as Receive money transaction.

Sales Invoices tab is mostly for recording credit sales.

Thank you for your very quick response. I appreciate it. Love the program. Keep up the great work.