Invoice showing as overdue when account is in credit

I overpaid an account, which is now in credit. When I posted the next invoice from that supplier the invoice is showing as overdue even though the account is still in credit.
Not sure if Im doing something wrong.

can upload screenshot of Purchase Invoices tab if that helps.

Overdue or overpaid? There is a difference. And which invoice is showing this, the first one or the second one?

If you are going to post screen shots, include three:

  • The portion of the Purchase Invoices tab listing that includes this invoice
  • The Edit screen for the purchase invoice
  • The View screen for the invoice

You can obscure proprietary information.

Hi Tut
Screenshots attached for both invoices.

The first invoice says overpaid - we paid 2-months upfront on the invoice, hence being overpaid.

But the next invoice received shows overdue, yet the account is still in credit.



You left out one critical piece of information, @ProDev. Your third screen shot of purchase invoice INV-1659165 shows that you entered a debit note for ZOL Zimbabwe on 26 October. I can’t be absolutely certain from the information shown, but it looks like both that debit note and your 27 August payment were both posted specifically to INV-1659165. So it is overpaid.

Manager used to carry forward all overpayments to subsequent invoices, but no longer does so in order to avoid rolling changes. If a payment or debit note is posted specifically to an invoice, it remains tied only to that invoice. If you leave the invoice number field blank, Manager will still roll supplier credits forward to subsequent invoices. See and

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