Credit Notes against Purchase Invoices

I am reviewing the latest version and came across “overpaid” purchase invoices. I have read extensively the guides and the few questions on here and there’s only 1 that relates to purchase invoices, all the rest are sales invoices. I’m aware that it really is just the opposite, but I can’t seem to work out what to do.

The one question about purchase invoices contains an edit in his last post:

However, and this is where I think things might differ, my overpayment is usually a correct payment but I have later been issued with a credit note. What I have generally done is gone in and created a new purchase invoice and given it a negative balance with the notation that it is a credit for X on invoice Y.

The above is just way out of whack, nothing appears to line up. Although I found that the statement of just the period lines up nicely:

Looking at the above it is quite clear, the credit note on the 28/5 (aussie format guys), reduces the payment of 17/6 for invoice on the 10/6.

This is the new view of transactions (it has to include a period because there are a number of invoices about that time):

and this is how the same use to appear:

In that screenshot the last invoice can be disregarded, I only included it because it’s payment appears in the screenshot above it.

On 27/5 I got invoice ending 3258 and received a creditnote (much later but which was back)dated to 28/5 (as detailed above). Since I hadn’t yet have the creditnote at the time of paying, on 8/6 I paid the invoice in full ($204.95), which after the credit note is applied later puts me in credit with the supplier. That credit is applied to the next invoice on the 10/6.

When I got the credit note, I entered it in for the date issued and this applied to the next invoice:

That’s a screenshot from the older manager I am using and I’m trying to work out how to bring that to the new version.

The only way can seem to make it work is by finding the payment that makes the overpayment and adding two lines to it: 1) removing the credit note by applying a positive value and 2) reducing the original invoice the credit note applied to. Like this:

I have added the last two lines which results in:

This seems a lot messier to me which leads me to believe I’m doing something wrong, or that there’s a better way to do it.

What I was hoping to do was edit the credit note to have it reflect directly against the supplier, but I can’t select accounts payable under the account to be credited in a purchase invoice (see below):

Screenshot from 2017-12-23 03-22-30

As you can see, I can’t credit it against accounts payable.

I have re-read the last section of this guide at least a dozen times (more even), and I just can’t figure out how to do it. I think the way I have used credit notes has stuffed it up.

Sorry for the long post, any help is appreciated.

Without delving into all the details, let’s start with your initial misstep: you should enter a debit note when you receive a credit note from a supplier. Go back to the beginning and do that and see if all your questions don’t clear up.

Thanks tut, after removing all the credit notes that I’d created and crediting real debit notes (I never had t activated or was aware they existed), it’s a lot better. I now have only 3 overpaid and 4 overdue.

I’m down to just a handful of errors now, but at 4:33am, I think I’ll come back to this tomorrow.

Overdue I can’t do anything about. :wink:

Overpaid is explained in the Guide you already linked to. It was just updated, hopefully making things a little clearer.

Yeah well overdue and overpaid were related. So once I cleared up all the credit to debit note conversions, it only left a dozen or so of the automatic payment with available credit transactions. And then from the guide it was pretty basic from there. I got it all done. Thanks @tut for pushing me in the right direction (again) lol