Invoice Problem

On the standard Invoice its not showing item quantities and sales invoice items not showing name or part number.

I have the same proble, how i can fix it?

Could you try the latest version (14.11.13) to see if the problem is resolved?


Yes thats fixed it. Thanks

How do download the version 14.11.13. It does not appear on the net

The latest version of desktop edition can be downloaded from Download | Manager

Excellent Lubos!!

same problem reappear in version 16.8.3
any solution?

@smartech.zag, I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Can you show on screenshot? Or can you create test business and upload it here?

hello lubos,
Thank you for your help!
and I am sorry for being late.

I attach a “case study” file of my problem as could as possible.

  • single PDF file for all screen shots. (issue.pdf (2.0 MB))
  • separate image files
  • all in low resolution for fast download.
  • as well as a backup of the “case” backup file from the “manager software”.someIssue (03 Aug 2016).manager (39.3 KB)

Thank You!

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@smartech.zag, check this topic:

It explains why Item Name doesn’t show on invoices. Only Item Code does.

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Thank you very much for your great help!

how about the customizable purchase invoice template?
any option for that?

Thank you!

Only the sales invoice template can be customized. A purchase invoice is purely an internal document, though, recording what has been submitted to you by a supplier. So you don’t really need to customize its appearance.

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Hello Tut, “the youngest ancient egyptian king”
Thank you for your reply!

May i suggest a batch processing buttons for this section “purchase invoice”?
Customizing may be needed to just show “item name, price” in some cases without any further details. [if possible]

Thank you!

That sounds more suitable for a custom report. Custom reports are a work in progress with very limited documentation.