Invoice Numbers Disappeared from Receipt Lines


While viewing a receipt I can´t see the invoices I have selected. Some of my customers want to view the invoices. This how it looked:

I was able to see “Custumers Name” - “Invoice Selected” - And “Date”.

Now, the only thing I can see is, “Customers Name” but that doesn´t tell me anything:

This is the “Edit Screen” of the transaction:

Could you show the view and edit screens of the receipt?

I´ve just added some more info on my first post. Sorry about that, I posted it a bit early.

I can reproduce the issue.

Should be fixed in the latest version (22.7.4)

@Lubos, I am wondering if you could also make it work when the invoice number is automatic?

The invoice number being automatic should not make any difference. Once the invoice is created, the automatic checkbox becomes unchecked and the assigned reference remains as if you had entered it manually.

Can you illustrate what you refer to with screen shots?

The edit screen:

The view screen:

This one only shows the account and the - customer, not the invoice number.

Manager Server Edition Ubuntu 20.04 v22.7.4

I thought were referring to the receipt reference. I suspect the reason invoice numbers don’t show when receivable invoices are automatic is that there could be many. Further, if other receipts are edited or credit notes are issued, the allocation could change, rendering old receipts incorrect.

It might sound silly, but did the invoice have a reference number?
Works fine for me on windows 10 64 bit desktop and server 22.7.4

Yes that is a plausible reason, so will ensure to put a better description. Thank you.

Yes they have reference numbers and that actually may make things more complicated as @Tut rightly indicated one receipt could be spread over more than 1 invoice so it can not allocate these.