Item Column Not Showing after upgrading

I just upgraded today to 16.3.45. And immediately the Item Column is no longer showing on any of the printable documents. I did not change anything … just simply did an upgrade. The Item Column is now no longer view-able for printing on the Sales Quote, Sales Invoice, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Credit Notes Etc. I can only see it when I click to edit, but it is missing from all printable documents. HELP!!! Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

This topic explains the change [16.3.19] Added "Code" field to inventory kits and invoice items

Thank you, but that did not answer my question. I am not using Item Codes, I only use Item Names. How do I get the item name to display again on my printed documents?

Just go to your sales invoice items and enter into Code field whatever you want your customers to see on quotes or invoices.

Please allow me to clarify… for example, If my current Item name is “Moving Service” … and I need that description to show in the first column on the printed document … then will I need to go back into all my items and place that same description into the Code field?

What the developer is intending to address here is to create a part code for the item that both you and the customer will see. Then the name field is meant to be an internal field that only you can see which would be an an abbreviated version of the name - for example if you want to sell a Fujitsu Lifebook E546 with core i5, 256GB SSD, 4GB Ram, you could create the name field as Lifebook-E546-corei5-256GBSSD and then in the description field you would have Fujitsu Lifebook E546 with Core i5 CPU, 256GB SSD Hard Drive, 4GB DDR4 Ram, Windows 7 Pro etc.

The idea behind it is to have the name and description of the product in the description field for reports otherwise there is too much information if you need to include the name field and description field for reports. Also because you cannot see the description field in the drop down for quotes/invoices, you need to somehow contain that information in the name field - hence the idea to use the name field for a meaningful name that will allow you to identify the product but because its not a customer user friendly name, its hidden from the customer view.

I would have preferred to have a code field, name field, Product Name Field and then Description Field as I and a few other people would prefer to separate the Product Name from the Product Description but to clarify - the name field is not meant to be used for the customer. Its meant to be used by yourself to be able to find the product using a short meaningful name such as the one I showed above. Then in reports, when you want to see a report of an account you have the product name and description all contained within the Description Field.

So what you need to do is put the product code in the code field. If you don’t need or use product codes, then don’t use the code field. In the name field you would put something like Lifebook-E546-Corei5-256GBSSD-4GB and in the description field you would need to put Laptop Fujitsu Lifebook E546, with Core i5 CPU, 256GB SSD Hard Drive, 4 GB DDR4 Ram, Win 7 Pro, One year Warranty. This way the program workflow will work consistently from quote to order to invoice to delivery notes and remittance advices and within the reports themselves.

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One thing that the developer suggested if you want to “separate” the Product Name from the description within the description field would be to make the Product Name in Bold -

Using Markdown html

Something along these lines might be workable for splitting the name and description within the description field. I am going to be looking into doing something like that.

The intended purpose of item names is as a shortcut during invoice creation for commonly used things. For example, in your moving business, you might have standard service packages named something like Platinum Move. That could be the item name. When invoicing, you only have to choose on the dropdown list between Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or whatever. But the Description would be more comprehensive, including packing services, 4-person moving team, air-cushioned motor transportation, unpacking, and material removal. If you were selling inventory, codes might be used for part or bin numbers.

The problem is, as you know, people got used to using item names for different purposes because they showed on the invoice. But that was never their intended use. So now the developer has removed them.

Where do I find ‘sales invoice items and enter into Code field’. All the items I charge for are in non-inventory items. When I go to ‘settings’ I do not see sales invoice items

Sales Invoice Items (and Purchase Invoice items) are now known as Non-Inventory Items

:thumbsup:Thank you got it. I have about 150 fields to add but hey it could be worse I have my health lol