Can't see the Item names on invoices

since i updated manager the item names is not showing up any more!!

im facing this problem and i tired to uninstall and reinstall the manager but not working out

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will as i think i understood what you mean…
i add the item code in inventory kits, sales invoice items and purchase invoice items…

but it showed like this in the picture

any kind of help to fix this problem?

Sorry, I guess I don’t understand what the problem is. If you can state the specific problem more clearly (what you did, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead), perhaps someone like @Tut will be able to help.

Perhaps what @raouf is referring to is that sales invoice items and purchase invoice items no longer show on the invoices. That is because they were always meant to be used only as shortcuts for commonly purchased or sold items. They were never meant as names or descriptions for customer or supplier information. This change and comments about it can be seen at [16.3.19] Added "Code" field to inventory kits and invoice items.

i guess i didn’t explain the problem in understandable way

what i’m trying to explain is that…

when i enroll an invoice i’m able to chose the product i’m willing to sale from the itme name, but when i want to print the invoice for the customer i only can see a code and a description of the item but not the item name and it shows like the last picture i uploaded

for example:-

i put the barcode of the product under (item code) name of the product under (Item name) and the brand/company name is under (description)
at the same time i have lots of products from the same company…

@Tut @Jon

I understood your question, @raouf. I was explaining that a change had been made to what is displayed. The topic I referenced provides background discussion.

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Yes, exactly. @Tut and I have both answered your question. Please refer to the thread that we both provided a link to in our responses, and you’ll find your answer there in great detail.

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Item name will never show on invoices. It is your internal name of the item. Only code and description of the item will show. Why not add item name to description if you want to show it to customer?

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@lubos thats what im about to do now change item name with description
the weird thing is that the item name was showing on invoices

Yes, @raouf, it used to show. What both @Jon and I have tried to explain is that that feature was removed. You can stop searching for the answer to a mystery because there is no mystery. The program was changed.

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