Border is missing in printing

Hi i have a prob. when i print any invoice the border is missing in printing

when i generate the pdf the printing is ok when is diract print the manager border is missing


sorry i have mistake not border. its backrgound color

You are responsible for performance of your own custom themes, no matter how you print them. This is not a coding forum where you should try to obtain debugging help.

Also, when you print using the Print button, you are outside the control of Manager. You are printing through your operating system and printer driver.

@crosstex381 what happens when you use PDF button and view the invoice in PDF viewer without printing? Does the background color show up? If so, then the issue is not with Manager.

Have a look at

This will show you how to enable printing background colors for Internet Explorer which need to be enabled if using Print button on desktop edition for Windows.

thanks @lubos