Invoice # not showing while payment to supplier

I was noticing this for many days but today I decided to post this issue on forum,
Number of invoices do not show while we do payment against any purchase invoice to supplier,

I am sure that it will be very easy to make a transaction of payment to a specific purchase invoice

When you created these purchase invoices, did you enter reference number? Manager doesn’t auto-generate reference numbers for purchase invoices. You need to enter reference number when creating purchase invoice as per the invoice received from supplier.

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Thanks lubos for reply,
No I never enter reference number, thats my fault, problem solved :smile:

1 more thing, is it possible that only payable invoices shows in the list at the time of payment? I mean paid and payable both are listed in the drop down menu

I have the same question about paid invoices still showing in the allocation list.

It would be really helpful if the list included only unpaid invoices. I’ve been using Manager for only 1 month - nice product - and the list of paid invoices gets very long very quickly. In a few months time it this will become a problem.

@Alasdair1, is there any reason you want to allocate payments to suppliers against specific purchase invoice? You can simply categorize payment to Supplier credits account and if there are any unpaid invoices, Manager will automatically match the paid amount with them. This way you completely avoid the issue with reference numbers.

Thanks I’ll try that.