See the payed invoices

When I choose in the bank for payable invoices. I see still see the invoices that are already payed.
Is there a solution for that so I can only see the unpayed invoices ?

To see invoice status, you should look in either the Purchase Invoices or Sales Invoices tabs, not Bank Accounts. There, you will see invoices of all statuses, not just unpaid ones.

If you are referring to the invoices displayed when using Spend Money or Receive Money functions and selecting the Accounts payable or Accounts receivable accounts, the reason is that Manager allows either you or a customer or overpay an invoice. If only unpaid invoices were displayed, you might find yourself in a situation where you could not enter a transaction. (Such transactions might not be common, but they do happen.)

To avoid having to hunt for the invoice, initiate the transaction while viewing the invoice itself rather than from a cash or bank account. Then, your transaction will be automatically allocated to the proper invoice with no search involved.

Thanks, I mean the invoices on the spend Money functions.

How can I initiate the account and still pay the bill by bank

I agree with Roelof_Wobben. When you use bank import statements, each transaction from a customer must be connect to the right invoice. It is easier that when you select Accounts receivable or payable, you can select the right Costumer (or suppliers) and than only the unpaid invoices of the specific costumer ( or supplier) is showing.
Just my Thoughts… Regards

Click on the Receive Money or Spend Money while viewing the invoice. You have the choice of source or destination bank account. And the full amount of the invoice is populated by default. You can, of course, edit that number.

Thanks, That works a lot better

You can do this by selecting Customer credits or Supplier credits accounts, then you will be able to select customer or supplier. Categorizing money received or spent against customer or supplier will automatically settle their unpaid invoices on FIFO basis.