Supplier and Accounts Payable

I have entered a purchase invoice and made the “Spend money” to settle the invoice.
the amounts what was paid are showing in the suppliers account statement and current assets.
and the invoice amount is showing in the amounts payable’s.
Why its not united in the supplier account which gives me the real account balance?
What shall I do?

I am afraid there is something which must be done in the software which I an unable to figure out!

Please let me have your advice.

Perhaps you’ve paid supplier before purchase invoice was issued.

In that case, Manager will hold the amount paid in Supplier credits asset account and will apply the invoice amount on the day the purchase invoice is actually issued. This is to make sure your Accounts payable is never in debit which would be non-sense.

So what was the date of payment? What was the issue date of that purchase invoice?

Thanks Lubos!
The “Purchase Invoice” date is 2/1/2016
And the payment dates are 10/1/2016 and 23/1/2016
its not the dates issue… I thought about what you said :frowning:
I don’t know what to do!!

Can you show screenshot how did you enter purchase invoice and how did you enter the payment for the purchase invoice? That would provide more context.

the main issue is the purchase invoice is not showing in the supplier account / statement.

So the purchase invoice is marked as paid, the supplier statement shows the amount paid, the only issue is that “purchase invoice number” doesn’t show on supplier statement?

it’s sorted my friend… it was an issue with supplier account and on the accounts payable. I have rested the whole issue and now its working… you are right… the due dates was the problem…
Thank you sooooooooooooooo much my friend… I highly appreciate your assistance :slight_smile: