Invoice - Paid Up

Each time I create an Invoice, it automatically generates it as Paid Up and showns the balance as zero


I had the same issue, until I created the Supplier and selected that supplier in the invoice. Try that, it might solve the issue.

You will also notice that the paid amount has gone into Suspense account. Check it out.

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I am having the same issue… can you please help me I hope you might have found solution by now… waiting for your reply.

Without Supplier details created we cannot raise Purchase invoice… I have created Supplier and still it is showing paid after creating.

There are three reasons for invoice to be automatically marked as “Paid in full”

  1. No customer or supplier selected on invoice
  2. No amounts entered on invoice which means invoice total equals zero
  3. Selected customer or supplier had credit which was automatically allocated against their new invoice.

If you think none of these three reasons apply and you still see invoice as “Paid in full” and can’t tell why, send your backup file to to see what’s up.