Invoice - less receipt notifacication

how can i hide receipt notification in sales invoices/

You would need a custom theme to suppress the mini-statement.

But you may have a bigger problem. Every receipt shown on the mini-statement is dated before this sales invoice was issued. It looks like you have a great many receipts that are being posted to Accounts receivable for this customer without an invoice designation. Further, they are all in excess of any amount owed by the customer. So the excesses are apparently being applied automatically as soon as you enter a new sales invoice.

Is this really the situation you are trying to record? I suspect not. I suspect you are entering transactions incorrectly and this is the result.


my problem is that this are all cod sales.(cash on delivery)
every once a month i collect all the cod payment from my courier in one bank transaction. and i need just one sales invoice for all the receipts. if they is another way to do that just tell me if you know.

What you say is confusing.

Who are actually selling to? If you are selling to your courier for cash, you don’t need a sales invoice at all. You need only one monthly receipt. See Make cash sales (sell without sales invoices) | Manager. But if you are selling to many customers, and your courier is only collecting the amounts owed, you need a sales invoice for every customer. You could raise a sales invoice every time you sell to a customer, or you could create monthly sales invoices including every delivery during the month. Then, you would enter a single receipt for the money received from the courier, broken up into line items for each customer. All those line items would be posted to the customers’ Accounts receivable balances.

the second one.
i sell to many customers (retail only via my onlineshop).
and my courier is collecting the money.

but i need only one invoice (retail) every month.
so i created one bank account named COD-ONLINE and there i record the payment.
i just wanna find a way how i can convert this payment to one single invoice. i don’t have a cash register. because i don’t need one.

i have a excel sheet of any order i get on a monthly base. from this sheet i calculate the items i sold and make the invoice. actually the orders are all paid of course.

the same i do if the orders are paid with paypal.

if they is any way, on the invoice don’t showing up the mini statement it would be fine.
but i guess this is not possible.

ps. this is just for my records. its not my accountant records. its for me so i can have an outlook about my business.

I do not understand your workflow at all, @dimgeorge:

  • Why keep multiple sets of records—Manager, Excel, and with your accountant? That is just extra work.
  • If you are receiving only one receipt per month from your courier, what are all those other receipts that show on the mini-statement? Who are they from, and why are they applied to the sales invoice you showed in your screen shot?
  • Why do you have a bank account named COD-ONLINE? Is that an actual bank account you use only for transactions with your courier? If so, why? If not, what is it? There is no reason, based on what you have described so far, to have a separate bank account for online sales. Customers are not making payments to it.

Why do you need the Sales Invoice at all ?

Instead of creating the sales invoice, create a New Receipt and put the same data that you enter on to the sales invoice in to the New Receipt.